Spanish Grammar Lesson on the Present Progressive Tense

Spanish Grammar Lesson on the Present Progressive Tense

The present revolutionary nerve-racking

The revolutionary stressful is used to explain actions which might be in development at a particular second in time (the prevailing). In English, it’s far the auxiliary verb “to be” and the prevailing participle. In layperson phrases, the “gift participle” approach verbs with “ing” connected to the give up of the verb.For more info you can check that one on one spanish class online

The prevailing disturbing is used lots greater often in English than it is utilized in Spanish. As in Spanish, we use it to talk about movements that are in development “now” or “proper now.” but in English, we also use the prevailing innovative stressful to explain routine moves or to speak in trendy. For instance:

I’m dwelling within the suburbs.

I am running within the put up workplace.

I’m taking Spanish training.

In Spanish, the existing nerve-racking is used to emphasise that an action is taking vicinity now. But many Spanish grammar books do now not indicate that there’s any other use for the existing modern traumatic. And that the prevailing progressive nerve-racking may be used to stress that an action is non-stop.

I found out this one from trial and error. As embarrassing as it’s far to confess, a five year vintage little girl corrected my Spanish grammar. That’s how i found out.

The primary time it came about it took place with an person. I used to be trying to tell an person that i’m learning Spanish. Since the Spanish grammar books taught me that the Spanish gift modern worrying is most effective used to describe actions that are in development “right now,” I did no longer use the present progressive irritating to mention that “i am studying Spanish.” because i used to be no longer studying Spanish at that unique second. At that very moment, i used to be attempting to speak to her in Spanish. So I said “Aprendo español.” She politely corrected me and said “se dice estoy aprendiendo español”.

At the time, I idea that perhaps she become incorrect and that my textbook was right. So I attempted telling my round the corner neighboor’s 5 12 months antique that “Yo aprendo español” who proudly corrected my Spanish. She told me: you’re intended to mention ‘“yo estoy aprendiendo español.”

Forming the present progressive tense

In Spanish, we form the prevailing revolutionary demanding by conjugating the verb “estar” with the prevailing participle. You form everyday “ar” gift participles via losing the “ar” and adding “ando.” and you shape ordinary “er” present participles by dropping the “er” and adding “iendo”

Let’s try it.

My grandmother is eating red meat chops.

Mi abuelita está comiendo chuletas de cerdo.

The uncle is operating.

El tío está trabajando.

The father-in-regulation is dancing.

El suegro está bailando.

The stepmother is cooking the lobster.

Los angeles madrastra está cocinando los angeles langosta.

The grandson is doing nothing.

El nieto no está haciendo nada.

You’re washing the windows.

Tú estás limpiando las ventanas.

Now let’s try some for your own. The solutions appear at the lowest.

The nephew is promoting vehicles.
The daughter-in-regulation is writing a letter.
The sister-in-law is receiving a lot of presents.
The grandchildren are playing.
The cousin is buying a tie.

El sobrino está vendiendo carros.
La nuera está escribiendo una carta.
L. A. Cuñada está recibiendo muchos regalos.
Los nietos están jugando.
El primo está comprando una corbata.

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